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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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bother to go to have a look at what's happening on the fifth floor where public access to magazines, including magazines that might encourage people to want to learn to read, have become unavailable in the normal way. i ask for you to send queries to the library and also ask, did you give the library more than $100 million a year in budget as a board in order that it might destroy the easy access that people have had for decades to those bound magazines? this nurse, the library will probably approve a replacement design for the bernal heights branch library and mural. ~ thursday complete wipe out of the history and the artwork that was on that community created library and the explanation for the new mural doesn't even say what the things are the
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specific things you'll be able to see with bin ocularx. ~ binoculars. >> are there other members of the public that wish to speak? good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jackie bryson and happy black history week. i'm coming once again to raise the issue of my concern where there is no eviction protection for people who are living in so-called supportive housing. the people who are in this housing are the most vulnerable members of our society here in san francisco in that they have come to this housing out of homelessness or from rehab or from the hospital and with unscrupulous landlords, of
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course, having unscrupulous attorneys, are able to find loop holds, meaning there isn't an eviction protection for their tenants. ~ loopholes are able to indulge in retaliatory with impunity. i brought this up in december of [speaker not understood] the only way to fix this was working with the mayor's office of hope, put that in quotes, too, to come up with policies which would require those service providers to have an eviction protection for the tenants. and i see a lot of stuff in the newspaper about ellis acts evictions and owner move-in and
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things like that, some of which is within the purview of this board. a lot is only a sacramento type thing. but coming up with a no-eviction from supportive housing is something which is within your purview. and i thank you very much. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? if not, general public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> madam clerk, could you read the adoption calendar? >> items 23 through 26 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. single roll call vote may enact these items if a member objects a matter may be removed and considered separately. ~ >> colleagues, would anyone like to sever any of these items? supervisor campos? 24 and i'll sever item 25. and with that, madam clerk, could you call the roll on items 23 and 26?
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>> mr. president, supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. there is an item number 23 that i'd like to sever. >> okay. why don't we take all the items in order, start with item 23, madam clerk. >> item 23 is a resolution expressing support for senate bill 837, the kindergarten readiness act. >> actually, mr. president, may i make a motion to continue this item for one week? >> colleagues, supervisor cohen would like to continue this for one week. second by supervisor breed. without objection this item will be continued one week. [gavel] >> thank you very much. >> to february 11. >> to february 11. item 24, madam clerk. >> transgender and gender nonconforming youth and restore tim justice. ~ >> thank you. thank you very much, mr. president. i want to thank my co-sponsors of this resolution, supervisors wiener, president chiu, mar, and avalos. and i just -- i wanted to once again highlight this resolution because i think it's really important for us to put as much
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pressure on the district attorney involved here to not press charges against a transgender young woman whose only crime was to defend herself. and the fact that the people who were trying to attack her and go after her were students that were only suspended without any criminal charges filed against them, and that you turn it around and actually, you know, present criminal charges against the victim who was acting in self-defense is just a travesty. and i think that we need to make sure that we are on record asking this da to exercise the discretion that district attorney's have to leave this poor transgender woman alone. she has suffered enough. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor campos. colleagues, on item number 24, can we take this without objection?
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same house same call, thank you. [gavel] >> the item is adopted. madam clerk, call the next item, 25. >> item 25 is a resolution urging the municipal transportation agency to implement a market on the move pilot project. >> president chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair. colleagues, we have in front of us resolution to urge the san francisco municipal transportation agency to implement and market on the move pilot project with private vehicle diversions and other efforts to help improve our streets for transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians. this has been a several year conversation, in fact, in 2011 we unanimously approved a similar resolution to begin pilot studies of innovative transit policies on market street. and i know there have been a lot of community frustrations with the lack of progress in this area, which is why i have been asked by numerous transit advocates to move this forward. colleagues, i think we all share a vision of market street as being one of the world's
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greatest boulevards and i think we know that in order to get there we have to try new things, particularly as we are thinking about a completely new way of how we travel on market street. so, i do hope that you'll be able to support this and ask for your support. >> thank you. madam clerk -- can we take this item same house same call? the item is adopted without objection. [gavel] >> thank you. call the next item. >> item 26, is a resolution urging governor brown and the state legislature to restore cuts to the medi-cal reimbursement rates. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? without objection this item is approved. [gavel] >> and, madam clerk, do we have -- could you read the in memoriams. >> yes, mr. president. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals. on behalf of supervisor farrell for the late mr. brian mcel roy. on behalf of supervisor cohen for the late mr. willie hunter
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payne and on behalf of the entire board of supervisors at the suggestion of supervisor wiener for the late mr. stu smith. >> and, madam clerk, is there any more business in front of the board? >> that concludes our business for today, mr. president. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned for today. [gavel] [adjourned]
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>> >> >> february 6, 2014, >> >>
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>> good afternoon, welcome to our rules committees meeting for thursday february 6, 2014. i'm supervisor yee and i will be chairing this meeting. to my left is supervisor campos and katie tang who will join us. lisa miller is our clerk. and we would like to acknowledge the staff of sfgtv, jessie larson and joshua alexander and record eefrp of our meetings and make the transcripts available online. are there any announcements? >> yes. please turn off electronic devices. if you wish to speak, please fill out a card.
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>> >>supervisor norman yee: madam clerk, please call item 1. agenda[health, business and tax regulations codes - safe body art]1304021.ordinance amending the health code by repealing miscellaneous sections relating to tattooing and adding article 40 to require body art practitioners to register with the department of public health dphh and to annually renew registration, and to require permanent and temporary body art facilities to obtain and annually renew permits with dph; amending the business and tax regulations code by adding fees relating to body art permits and licenses; and making environmental findings. public health departmentt5/2/13; >>supervisor norman yee: madam clerk, please call item 1. sf 11234 >>supervisor norman yee: i believe dr. johnson, from the department of public health is here to present. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is dr. johnson. i'm representing department of public health branch. the rules committee meeting of january 16th of 2014. the department of public health reintroduced the body art ordinance for adoption. however at that time the department also requests for a continuance for time to post
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publicizing the new proposed fee schedule for feedback from the general public. i'm here to answer any questions from the rules committee regarding this new fee schedule. thank you. >>supervisor norman yee: as mentioned this has come before us. are there any questions? okay. is there, thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can we have a motion to forward this item to the full board for recommendation? so moved. with no objection, motion passes. madam clerk, item no. 2.
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>> the clerk: item no. 2. item 2: [appointments, san francisco local agency formation commission]1400872.motion appointing supervisor john avalos, as a member, and supervisor eric mar, as an alternate member, terms ending february 4, 2018, to the san francisco local agency formation commission. clerk >> the clerk: item no. 2. sf 21234 >>supervisor norman yee: okay. let's see, i believe, is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. we have a motion for this item to be brought to the full board for recommendation. so moved. motion is passed. item no. 3. the clerk: item 3: appointment, developmental disabilities area board v] hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending december 31, 2016, to the developmental disabilities area board v. clerk of the boardd vacant seat 2, succeeding donna adkins, term expired, must have a demonstrated interest and leadership in human services, for the unexpired portion of a three-year term ending the clerk: sf 31234 >>supervisor norman yee: okay. ms. atkins will not be here
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but i understand there might be someone here to speak on her behalf. please come up and state your name. >> gabriel rog an. i'm here if you have any questions. >>supervisor norman yee: okay. any questions? >>supervisor david campos: just a quick question. what's the reason the applicant can't be here today. is there a scheduling conflict? >> yes, she's working today. jooe #6 >>supervisor norman yee: is there a problem with her attending the meetings? >> no. she's a consistent attendee. >>supervisor norman yee: is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we have a motion to forward this to the full
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board. >>supervisor katy tang: i wanted to clarify this with the city attorney. >> you don't need a requirement for the seat. state law is one of the requirements that 60 percent of the members of the body, i think there are 10 appointed members. 60 percent of those have to be consumers or relatives of consumers or i believe care takers. and so, that requirement doesn't follow any particular seat. right now san francisco has two seats. you are filling one of them today with a member of the general public that will fill in the 40 percent category. the next opening on this board we would recommend
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that you fill someone who fits the 5th category. >>supervisor norman yee: recommendation? >> so moved. >>supervisor norman yee: recommendation passes. so that brings us to item no. 4. the clerk: item 4: [appointments, workforce investment community advisory committee] hearing to consider appointing three members, terms ending february 19, 2017, to the workforce investment community advisory committee. clerk of the boardd vacant seat 1, succeeding liz jackson-simpson, term expiring on february 19, 2014, must be staff and/or board member of a 5011ccc33 organization, preferrably committee members should be providing workforce development services or serving low-income residents and other with barriers to employment, for a two-year term ending february 19, 2017. vacant seat 2, succeeding winnie yu, term expiring on february 19, 2014, must be staff and/or board member of a 5011ccc33 organization, preferrably committee members should be providing workforce development services or serving low-income residents and other with barriers to employment, for a two-year term ending february 19, 2017. vacant seat 4, succeeding dion-jay brookter, term expiring on february 19, 2014, must be staff and/or board member of a 5011ccc33 organization, preferrably committee members should be providing workforce development services or serving low-income residents and other with barriers to employment, for a two-year
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term ending february 19, 2017. the clerk: sf 41234 >>supervisor norman yee: we'll call the applicants in the order of the agenda. lily wong. >> hello, my name is lily wong. i'm one of the applicants. good afternoon supervisors and thank you for considering my application for the advisory committee. just a little brief summary about myself. i grew up in san francisco. my family came here in 1987. i have been here ever since. my family has worked hard to live here and my interest is in this. i have worked to improve the living conditions for city san franciscans. i worked at community educational services for the mayor's education employment program for low income youth in san francisco. i currently work at coleman advocates and where they have a unique perspective on adult work force. i get to provide work force direct services and i get to advocate on a stronger policy or a more citywide level. i try to identify gaps in the
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neighborhood and try to see what we can do to support san franciscans. i know that my experience and current work more than qualifies me for the wic act and i appreciate your time and prepared to answer any questions you might have. >>supervisor norman yee: any questions? okay. i have a quick question. work force investment for our board is many members on the board of supervisors is an important issue. what voice do you think you will be bringing to the table? >> you mean like in terms of population or? >>supervisor norman yee: you can answer anyway you like. >> okay, i think for me i worked in immigrant and low income families. that's kind of my background and both my own living experiences as well as the jobs that i have held
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in the past and i currently do hold. i think that in terms of disadvantaged individuals in san francisco, those would probably be the strongest areas that i know. >>supervisor norman yee: okay. thank you very much. >> thank you. >>supervisor norman yee: next applicant is james fountain. >> my name is james fountain. i work with the employment youth services. i have been there for over 6 years now. prior to that i was at ll hutch and worked with people coming out of prisons. i have worked with the professionals and do a lot of national advocacy for what's happening and i want to get involved at the local level and i'm
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involved with the california workers association and work force development and moving on their education as well. >>supervisor norman yee: okay. any questions? seeing none, thank you. next applicant is winnie yu. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors, thank you for the opportunity to speak before you and your consideration for the work force committee advisory committee. i have been working as a center manager for one of the neighborhood access points formally one stop career centers? san francisco since july 2010 and have seen thousands of visitors looking for work. our approach has been looking at the strengths of many of the job seekers to marketing skills to employers and looking for opportunities to do the right matching. so my voice that i would lend is
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my experience in operating a one stop center, now neighborhood access points in san francisco but also working with job seekers who really have skills gaps in their resumes and being able to work with them and market their skills and strengths to employers. there is a low unemployment rate according to the edd report, 4.6 percent. however the remaining are the hardest to employee. we would need to really utilize strategies and skill building and training to ensure that they are not left out while the rest of the more higher skilled workers are now employed. i would appreciate the opportunity to serve again and utilize experience that i have experienced in the past with more innovative job seekers to come to the work force and ensure there is no gaps or opportunities lost to ensure all workers have an
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opportunity. thank you for your consideration. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you, supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: yes. thank you very much. just a quick question, we have more applicants that we have seats. i'm just wondering and i'm going to ask this of anyone seeking reappointment. can you tell us about your attendance to meetings. did you miss any meetings? >> yes, i have attended most of the meetings other than the family emergencies and/or situations or if i was ill i was not able to attend. >>supervisor david campos: thank you. >>supervisor norman yee: next applicant is dion jay brookter. i believe you are speaking? okay. state your name. >> good afternoon supervisors, jamal walters. i'm here to
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speak on behalf of mr. dion jay brookter. he was out on a visit with the san francisco unified school district in clovis california. he's out there on assignment right now working of course for our children. but mr. brookter was appointed by this committee last year and is really looking forward for the opportunity to serving the city and residents very well. he's been the deputy director for community developers over the years where we provide education services to one of san francisco's most disenfranchised population. mr. brookter is very innovative and has high level planning and education experience. he has a tremendous amount of work ethic and ready to work
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diligently and ready to provide some real thoughtful input to provide services to deal with the gaps in the work force system that we have here in san francisco. he's already involved in many high level conversations about bringing more seamless services to the work force services in san francisco and how to work to provide better opportunities for disfranchised population. he's already been appointed and he would like the opportunity to complete a full term. you the. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. supervisor campos. >>supervisor david campos: do you know what his attendance was. >> he did not have an opportunity to go to a meeting. he was appointed late. >>supervisor norman yee: i guess he had a lot of impact
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so far. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. okay. my colleagues on the committee, we have four great candidates for three seats. any thoughts. supervisor tang? >>supervisor katy tang: yes, i after looking at some of the materials i would be interested in allowing applicants winnie yu and dion jay brookter to continuing the term especially mr. brookter to fulfill a full term and i'm familiar with ms. yu's work in the community. i know we have three seats and four applicants. i at least want to move those two forward and would love to hear from the community members on the third applicant. >>supervisor norman yee: supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you mr. chair and supervisor tang. i will support that motion. i think
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that it's good to have continuity and in the case of mr. brookter, he was just appointed. i think that we need to make sure that he has an opportunity to serve out a full term. i don't know, i think it's a really hard choice because i think that every one of the two remaining applicants is really strong and i was very impressed with the presentation. i have to say that it's one of those things whenever you have more applicants than you have vacancies that you ask which ever one doesn't get the appointment today or the recommendation today to please continue to be involved because the thing with these bodies you have a lot of busy people and schedules change and personal circumstances change so vacancies come up. i see it as more of a long
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term. my hope is that at some point both ms. wong and mr. fountain would be able to serve on this body. that said, based on the presentation today and the experience, i'm inclined to move forward mr. fountain at this point, but again that's not anything against ms. wong because i think she has a great deal of experience and a lot of passion and expertise that she brings. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. i also would support your motion to reappoint mr. book ter and ms. yu. it boils down to two candidates. i have had
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the opportunity to listen to ms. wong another time when she applied. and i also know of her work on the -- the presentation from both of you was very good. the background was very good. at this point i also received quite a few e-mails to support ms. wong. i'm going to and there is no insult to the one i'm not favoring, but i would say i favor ms. wong. >>supervisor katy tang: i would say i have to second supervisor yee's choice here. i think both candidates have a great background that they are presenting to us. for me i like and identify with bringing


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